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A Tech-based ORAL HISTORY non-profit in the audiovisual world since 2020

A New Era of Oral History is Dawning…

Our Value 🎖️

Words Images Narrative is a national nonprofit initiative based in the United States aiming to document and amplify the voices of the ordinary people unheard in the audiovisual world. We believe that social changes can only come from recognizing history through the lens of multidimensional perspectives.

Our Goals 🏁

Our mission is to include the voices of everyday citizens who have witnessed modern social events that are meaningful to them, thereby giving history comprehensive layers not limited to the reporting perspectives from the mainstream media such as the BBC.
The topics include governmental regulation during COVID, Black Lives Matters Movement, Stop Anti-Asian Hate Protest, gun-control, bioethics, and abortion rights, and people are encouraged to share their ideas in varieties of forms that they find suitable, such as images, words, narratives, artworks, poems, or even just one simple sentence. To inspire the next generation and facilitate meaningful social impacts and changes, it is essential to recall the unrecorded voices from multiple dimensions.

Our Service 🛎️

  • Oral History Documentation
    • We provide cloud storage service to all oral history related files, including texts, interviews, images and videos(Up to 5GB per submission).
  • Speech-to-text/ Document-to-text Service
    • We can help convert speech, scanned documents and audio to text and perform data analysis including keyword extraction, sentiment analysis and more.
  • Interview Video Editing
    • Our volunteers will assist you to edit videos if you do not have any experience and want to submit a video record.

Partners 🤝

Since 1966, the Oral History Association has served as the principal membership organization for people committed to the value of oral history. OHA engages with policy makers, educators, and others to help foster best practices and encourage support for oral history and oral historians. With an international membership, OHA serves a broad and diverse audience including teachers, students, community historians, archivists, librarians, and filmmakers.

Table of Contents


Project 0: Coronavirus Disease 2019

The COVID-19 outbreak has greatly impacted the lives of everyone throughout the world. Although it began in China, this outbreak is now a global problem. We believe that every country deserves to be remembered for their efforts to fight this outbreak, and that those who fought and survived the outbreak must be remembered and thanked.
The project began in May 2020 and attracted hundreds of volunteers to participate. This is our record of what happened during the pandemic in the world and how the people coped.
COVID Responses

Project 1: Bioethical Issues in the 21th Century

Despite the convenience we enjoy form the rise of technological innovations in the 21th century, many inevitable bioethical issues arise such as the dilemma with gene therapy and self-driving cars. Many start to question whether it is moral to collect data from private entities, whether we should give rights to AI-products if they are argued to be sentient, and whether the owner of the self-driving car is responsible when an accident happens. By recording everyone’s perspective on these bioethical issues, we believe that this will shine the light on future innovations in technologies.
BioEthics Responses

Project 2: Abortion Rights 2022

The overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022 with abortion bans in some states had infringed the basic human rights upon citizens therein. With the lack of governmental support to access abortion medical care in some states, ones who are affected by this law find themselves hopeless and vulnerable. Many advocates who care about the cause have contributed to help them such as managing charity runs, informing people about the right of body autonomy, massive media dissemination, and fierce protests. We believe it is meaningful to document the great works of the brave ones who passionately contribute to the cause for human rights.
Abortion Rights Responses

Project 3: Racial Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a perceived increase in racism and violence such as random shooting against Asian Americans in 2021. In response to the rise of racial discrimination, the Stop Asian Hate Campaign includes a series of protests and rallies against violence that Asian Americans confronts across the United States.
Another was The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that is organized in response to the police brutality and race-based violence against Black people. Recent advocates use active campaign and protest notably by enacting George Floyd’s last line “I can’t breathe” to raise awareness of the misuse of power by the police towards innocence people merely based on race.
Racial Justice Responses

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